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Three volunteers were chosen for rescue mission - they need to save their planet. The last 150 years, humans have actively pollute the Earth and, if nothing is done, in 20 years, the planet, and with it, and people will die.

Scientists decided to send three of the most talented people in the space of time in search of a cube - a powerful tool that allows you to change the past, creating a post-spatial hole. Many years ago, people discovered it in the South Patagonian glaciers, but could not find the origin. The strength of the cube was so great that people have got rid of him for support spatio-temporal equilibrium - in one of the post-spatial hole has rocketed with the cube of time. Fragile cube, unable to withstand the pressure, broke into several pieces.

Now the cube of time depends on the fate of mankind. Before the three astronauts faces a difficult task - to find him and take him to Earth to go back in time and stop the pollution of the Earth. After years of searching, the astronauts enter the post-spatial hole, which gives each of them a magical ability, based on his inner strength. Now they can jump high, run fast, to create a strong magnetic field to blow up the earth and even spewing deadly laser beams.

Accidentally I met the astronauts on the planet where they found the first part of the temporary cube, but to get it, they have to fight with the local inhabitants, who are not used to sharing. They are still waiting for a lot of tests on different planets, long journeys and battles.


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